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essence wrong,—and to decide this, each thing would have

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CLEOPATRA. Why shouldst thou make that question?

essence wrong,—and to decide this, each thing would have

CLEOPATRA. Let him be so To those that want his mercy: My poor lord Made no such covenant with him, to spare me When he was dead. Yield me to Caesar's pride? What! to be led in triumph through the streets, A spectacle to base plebeian eyes; While some dejected friend of Antony's, Close in a corner, shakes his head, and mutters A secret curse on her who ruined him! I'll none of that.

essence wrong,—and to decide this, each thing would have

CHARMION. Whatever you resolve, I'll follow, even to death.

essence wrong,—and to decide this, each thing would have

IRAS. I only feared For you; but more should fear to live without you.

CLEOPATRA. Why, now, 'tis as it should be. Quick, my friends, Despatch; ere this, the town's in Caesar's hands: My lord looks down concerned, and fears my stay, Lest I should be surprised; Keep him not waiting for his love too long. You, Charmion, bring my crown and richest jewels; With them, the wreath of victory I made (Vain augury!) for him, who now lies dead: You, Iras, bring the cure of all our ills.

CLEOPATRA. Must I bid you twice? [Exit CHARMION and IRAS.] 'Tis sweet to die, when they would force life on me, To rush into the dark abode of death, And seize him first; if he be like my love, He is not frightful, sure. We're now alone, in secrecy and silence; And is not this like lovers? I may kiss These pale, cold lips; Octavia does not see me: And, oh! 'tis better far to have him thus, Than see him in her arms.--Oh, welcome, welcome!

CLEOPATRA. Short ceremony, friends; But yet it must be decent. First, this laurel Shall crown my hero's head: he fell not basely, Nor left his shield behind him.--Only thou Couldst triumph o'er thyself; and thou alone Wert worthy so to triumph.

CHARMION. To what end These ensigns of your pomp and royalty?


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