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of losing this dearly-loved companion,—her room-mate

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He asked her questions about herself. But she could see that he was tired; so she told him it was too important a matter to start upon so late. She would talk about herself to-morrow. It would be Sunday.

of losing this dearly-loved companion,—her room-mate

"Do you still go to the chapel?" she asked him a little hesitatingly.

of losing this dearly-loved companion,—her room-mate

"Yes," he answered. "One lives by habit."

of losing this dearly-loved companion,—her room-mate

"It is the only Temple I know," he continued after a moment. "Perhaps God, one day, will find me there."

He rose and lit the gas, and a letter on the mantelpiece caught his eye.

"Have you heard from Arthur?" he asked, suddenly turning to her.

"No. Not since about a month," she answered. "Why?"

"He will be pleased to find you here, waiting for him," he said with a smile, handing her the letter. "He will be here some time to-morrow."


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