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the former. High spirits seldom exist without some tendency

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VENTIDIUS. Home as my sword will reach. [Kills himself.]

the former. High spirits seldom exist without some tendency

ANTONY. Oh, thou mistak'st; That wound was not of thine; give it me back: Thou robb'st me of my death.

the former. High spirits seldom exist without some tendency

VENTIDIUS. I do indeed; But think 'tis the first time I e'er deceived you, If that may plead my pardon.--And you, gods, Forgive me, if you will; for I die perjured, Rather than kill my friend. [Dies.]

the former. High spirits seldom exist without some tendency

ANTONY. Farewell! Ever my leader, even in death! My queen and thou have got the start of me, And I'm the lag of honour.--Gone so soon? Is Death no more? he used him carelessly, With a familiar kindness: ere he knocked, Ran to the door, and took him in his arms, As who should say--You're welcome at all hours, A friend need give no warning. Books had spoiled him; For all the learned are cowards by profession. 'Tis not worth My further thought; for death, for aught I know, Is but to think no more. Here's to be satisfied. [Falls on his sword.] I've missed my heart. O unperforming hand! Thou never couldst have erred in a worse time. My fortune jades me to the last; and death, Like a great man, takes state, and makes me wait For my admittance.-- [Trampling within.] Some, perhaps, from Caesar: If he should find me living, and suspect That I played booty with my life! I'll mend My work, ere they can reach me. [Rises upon his knees.]


CLEOPATRA. Where is my lord? where is he?

CHARMION. There he lies, And dead Ventidius by him.

CLEOPATRA. My tears were prophets; I am come too late. O that accursed Alexas! [Runs to him.]


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