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disapproved of the match, and it came to nothing. If at

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CLEOPATRA. Enough, Serapion: I've heard my doom.--This needed not, you gods: When I lost Antony, your work was done; 'Tis but superfluous malice.--Where's my lord? How bears he this last blow?

disapproved of the match, and it came to nothing. If at

SERAPION. His fury cannot be expressed by words: Thrice he attempted headlong to have fallen Full on his foes, and aimed at Caesar's galley: Withheld, he raves on you; cries,--He's betrayed. Should he now find you--

disapproved of the match, and it came to nothing. If at

ALEXAS. Shun him; seek your safety, Till you can clear your innocence.

disapproved of the match, and it came to nothing. If at

ALEXAS. You must not; haste you to your monument, While I make speed to Caesar.

CLEOPATRA. Caesar! No, I have no business with him.

ALEXAS. I can work him To spare your life, and let this madman perish.

CLEOPATRA. Base fawning wretch! wouldst thou betray him too? Hence from my sight! I will not hear a traitor; 'Twas thy design brought all this ruin on us.-- Serapion, thou art honest; counsel me: But haste, each moment's precious.

SERAPION. Retire; you must not yet see Antony. He who began this mischief, 'Tis just he tempt the danger; let him clear you: And, since he offered you his servile tongue, To gain a poor precarious life from Caesar, Let him expose that fawning eloquence, And speak to Antony.


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