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Wisely and generously Mr. and Mrs. Tucker yielded. If it

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CLEOPATRA. Now seat me by my lord. I claim this place, For I must conquer Caesar too, like him, And win my share of the world.--Hail, you dear relics Of my immortal love! O let no impious hand remove you hence: But rest for ever here! Let Egypt give His death that peace, which it denied his life.-- Reach me the casket.

Wisely and generously Mr. and Mrs. Tucker yielded. If it

IRAS. Underneath the fruit The aspic lies.

Wisely and generously Mr. and Mrs. Tucker yielded. If it

CLEOPATRA. Welcome, thou kind deceiver! [Putting aside the leaves.] Thou best of thieves: who, with an easy key, Dost open life, and, unperceived by us, Even steal us from ourselves; discharging so Death's dreadful office, better than himself; Touching our limbs so gently into slumber, That Death stands by, deceived by his own image, And thinks himself but sleep.

Wisely and generously Mr. and Mrs. Tucker yielded. If it

SERAPION. The queen, where is she? [Within.] The town is yielded, Caesar's at the gates.

CLEOPATRA. He comes too late to invade the rights of death! Haste, bare my arm, and rouse the serpent's fury. [Holds out her arm, and draws it back.] Coward flesh, Wouldst thou conspire with Caesar to betray me, As thou wert none of mine? I'll force thee to it, And not be sent by him, But bring, myself, my soul to Antony. [Turns aside, and then shows her arm bloody.] Take hence; the work is done.

SERAPION. Break ope the door, [Within.] And guard the traitor well.

IRAS. Now, Charmion, to be worthy Of our great queen and mistress. [They apply the aspics.]

CLEOPATRA. Already, death, I feel thee in my veins: I go with such a will to find my lord, That we shall quickly meet. A heavy numbness creeps through every limb, And now 'tis at my head: My eyelids fall, And my dear love is vanquished in a mist. Where shall I find him, where? O turn me to him, And lay me on his breast!--Caesar, thy worst; Now part us, if thou canst. [Dies.] [IRAS sinks down at her feet, and dies; CHARMION stands behind her chair, as dressing her head.]


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